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Scam of the Month – October 2022 – Fake Domain Registration Emails

Hi All,

We have had recent reports from our customers of receiving similar emails to the below around their website domains – please report these to us and ignore them!

What is the scam?

Our customers are receiving emails from a random ‘Domain Registrar’ with a threat that another third party is trying to register a domain name similar to theirs, highlighting that there may be negative brand impacts. They then offer to register the similar domain name for the customer for a fee payable to them.

What does the email look like?

These emails are either:

  • A scam to get you to pay money to their account
  • A poor marketing attempt by a semi-legitimate company

There is also likely no third party and this is an empty threat, and the company is unlikely to ever register the new domain after you pay, instead opting to run away with your money. You can read more about these scams here.

The best advice we can give if you receive one of these emails is to ignore the content and report it to us by using your ‘Phish Alert Button’ if you have our security awareness training product, otherwise by forwarding on the email to our helpdesk.

If you are ever unsure if an email is legitimate or not, always feel free to ask us.


The Team at Primary IT