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Security Awareness Training (SAT) – Simulated Phishing Attacks

Hi All,

Just a friendly reminder about Primary IT’s Security Awareness Training Option.

Email is a big risk and Security Training is one of the most effective ways to mitigate this risk. We have also removed the installation fee for this service.

Primary IT is seeing increasing numbers of security incidents where customers interact with malicious emails, such as entering their details into a fake website. CERT NZ confirms this trend in their 2021 Report :

2021 Report Summary | CERT NZ

One way to mitigate this risk is by offering your staff Security Awareness Training. This training involves periodically sending your staff fake malicious emails, and if they interact with them, they are prompted to attend short online training sessions to improve their security awareness. It is a well-proven method to enhance security awareness.

The Business Manager receives summary reports detailing the activity that has taken place and what training has or needs to be undertaken by staff. Staff can be proactively provided training. For example, new staff can be immediately prompted to undergo training modules when they start.

In addition, staff have access to a Phish Alert Button in Outlook to make it easy to report suspicious emails back to our team without calling or logging a job. We can automatically remove the email from the staff email box if the email is malicious. If it is safe, we can flag it as such. If they report a test email, they receive a notification that they have successfully caught a malicious email.

Typically, when we set this system up for customers, about 10% of staff interact with fake malicious emails. However, after several months this drops away to between 0 and 3%. But to ensure staff are kept alert, phishing email simulations are performed on an ongoing basis.

We feel this is a critical service for any medical centre and have tried to keep costs to a minimum.

If you would like more information, please feel free to reach out to us.